You would think that teenagers would be the rudest customers when really it’s mostly old, middle-aged people. 


The elderly are either adorable or the wrinkly reincarnation of Satan there is no in between

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The opening of the Cave of Wonders
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Snoop is so reckless on IG lmao


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Turning point in #Ferguson? Police drew guns on Hip Hop artist/activist Talib Kweli & others, threatened to shoot last night. (Above) Kweli observes police were in rush formation BEFORE the water bottle was thrown at them. Major questions being raised about identity of individual who threw water bottle— possibly an agent provocateur, someone working for police to either invite riot or provide “justification” for police to assault a peaceful protest. (Left) Activist Phil Agnew, who is in Ferguson, says protesters are being depicted inaccurately. (Below) Example of an agent provocateur: notice the protester being tackled to the ground by police is wearing the EXACT SAME SHOES the police in uniform are wearing (?!?!) #mikebrown 

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Steampunk Tinkerbell by Firefly Path

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People who notice everything but remain silent are to be feared.

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